Chemical Industry

Major products of this sector are petro-chemistry products, paint and decorative coatings, chemical and synthetic fiber. The leading companies in this market are OJSC Novoshakhtinsk Petro-chemistry Products Plant with the processing capacity of 2.5 mln. tons annually, CJSC Empils and OJSC Kamenskvolokno.

CJSC Empils is the largest manufacturer of zink oxide and decorative paintwork coatings. In 2010 the production volume was 63 thousand tons (15% of the Russian market), production volume of zinc oxide was 13 thousand tons (50% of the Russian market). In the market of decorative coatings the company is represented by such brands as AvantGarde, EMPILS, Oreol, Rascvet.

OJSC Kamenskvolokno is the largest joint venture for chemical fiber and thread production located in Kamensk-Shakhtinskiy of the Rostov region. It produces almost 50% of polypropylene threads for Russian and CIS countries (55% of the company production). Along with polypropylene production it also produces unique heavy-duty
para-aramyd fiber and thread (SVM, Rusar, Armos), used in the armament industry, nuclear power engineering, production of specialized composite materials, special heat-resistant apparel. Production share of para-aramyd fiber and thread is 45% from the total production volume of the company, including 41% of the state order production for the Ministry of Defense.

OJSC Novoshakhtinsk Oil-product Plant (OJSC NZNP) is one of the largest investment projects implemented within the framework of the law on priority development of coal mine territories. Processing capacity of the plant is 2,5 mln. tons annually. The entire infrastructure has been created to increase the processing capacity to 7,5 mln. tons annually.

The plant assortment includes diesel fuel, 3 types of marine fuel, furnace fuel, straight-run oil and fuel oil.

The product is sold not only to the consumers of the Rostov region but far beyond. It’s shipped by railroad and trucks. Shipment by waterway transportation is done through the oil-loading terminal Rostov OJSC NZNP, located in Rostov on Don, where the product is delivered by specialized transportation.



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