Coal-Mining Industry

Rostov is the main coal-mining region in the North-Caucasus region. Its territory possesses about 6.5 billion tons of explored coal resources.

Anthracite which is  is unique in the quality characteristics of extracted coal.

Coal reserves suitable for working out are about 285 million tons of the current mine fund of the Eastern Donbass. For possible development in the current economic conditions there are 10 prospective areas with coal reserves of 545 million tons. Rostov Region has a great potential of known coal reserves that are available for working out in the amount of 830 million tons.

Coal companies are located within Eastern Donbass, which is one of the oldest coal basins, that has a favorable geographical position. The proximity to the Black and Azov Sea ports and to other regions of the Southern Federal District makes coal industry one of the key energy resources of the region.

Coal companies are concentrated in 7 administrative districts of the region. Both main and auxiliary facilities of coal industry employ over 13 000 people.

Today there are 5 coal companies operating on the territory of the region: OJSC Russian Coal - Don, OJSC Don Coal, South Coal Company Ltd, OJSC Vostochnaya Coal Mine, Rostov Coal Company Ltd.

There are 8 functioning mines and 2 mines under construction. Total annual capacity of existing mines is about 9.5 million tons. Coal production meets industrial and domestic demand. The region also exports coal to CIS and distant countries.

In the outlook the development of the coal industry presumes the modernization of existing companies and establishment of new companies on potential coalfields.

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