Taganrog is the port on the north-east coast of the Taganrog gulf of the Azov sea, and has a railway station within 70 km of Rostov-on-Don city.

The area of Taganrog is more than 80 km2. The population is more than 281 thousand people.


памятник Петру 1In 1998 Taganrog celebrated its 300th anniversary. The history of the town is closely connected with the name of Peter the Great and his struggle for the power of Russia on its southern borders. The town was founded as the main base of the Russian Navy and is the largest fortress in the south of the Russian state. Peter the Great has in person chosen the site for the building of the new town (27th July, 1696). On the 12th September 1698 the Moscow Pushkarsky prikaz (Canon’s Office) issued a decree on the construction of a fortress and port on the Tagan-Rog cape. Through the end of 18th to the beginning of 19th century Taganrog was developing as a trading town where many peoples and various faiths were represented. Taganrog was almost the only place in the southern part of Russia where extended trade with foreign countries was possible. Taganrog kept its position of the largest port for foreign trade until the 1860s.


Taganrog is an important historical, cultural and economic center in Southern Russia. Along with the thriving development of small businesses especially in the service sector, the old industries continue working: metallurgy, harvester and boiler engineering, paint and varnish industry, electronics, and construction industry.

The main companies:

  • Таганрогский металлургический заводJSC “Tagmet”,
  • JSC “Krasny kotelschik”,
  • JSC “Taganrog Harvester Plant”,
  • JSC “Krasny gydropress”,
  • JSC “Tavia”,
  • JSC Beriev Aircraft Company,
  • FPC “Priboy”,
  • FPC Taganrog Communication research institute and others.

Positive trends are set in the economy of the town in recent years. Industrial output is progressively increasing. The growth of industrial output resulted in the increase of tax proceeds in budgets of all levels. Throughout recent years the number of people employed in small businesses remains the same, it is one fourth of all the working population in the town: about 18 thousand of people work in Taganrog in small and medium-sized companies and more than 17 thousand are self-employed in private enterprise without the creation of legal entity. As before, small businesses are still mainly involved in trading-purchasing and manufacturing.

Small and medium-sized companies cover almost all spheres of activity in the town, stabilize the social situation, creating new jobs as well as providing people with work in conditions of secondary employment. The town financial infrastructure has not changed for many years and still consists of 12 banks including the only local bank – AGB “Taganrogbank” , institutions of public finances, insurance companies, professional participants of the security market,  stock and auditing firms, pawnshops. Taganrog has two non-governmental pension funds in Taganrog.

The town administration realizes a number of programs including the international ones in order to improve the social and economic situation and the investment climate of the city.



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