The Shakhty town is situated at the intersection of two federal motorways – Rostov-Kharkov and Moscow-Baku. The North-Caucasian railway runs through the town (Shakhtnaya station). Rostov is 66 km distance away. The nearest sea ports are Azov at 90 km, Taganrog at 142km; the nearest river port is at 86 km. The town is situated 26 km from Russian-Ukranian border where customs control facilities are set in place. The total area of the town is 158 km2.


In 1721 geological studies began in the Don land following the instructions of Peter the Great. The town was founded on the instruction of Alexander II in 1867. From 1881 until 1921 the town was named Alexandrovsk-Grushevsky. On 13th January 1921 it was renamed into Shakhty. Its thriving development was later favored by its advantageous geographical position and by the fact that the industry of the country needed high-quality coal.

After the 1917 Revolution and the Civil war destroyed mines were reconstructed with simultaneous technical reequipment. The town changed its appearance. In 1929 Shakhty hydropower station was put into operation, enterprises of food, light and construction industries were built. The town was developing, new buildings being built in the streets, and tram lines being laid. In 1939 Shakhty had 135 thousand population and 19.5 thousand of them were miners and worked in the town mines. There are 6 base industries in the economy of the city: coal, mechanical engineering, building industry, light industry, food industry, power industry.


The town population is 254.7 thousand people. A constant increase in birth rate should be mentioned in the town and it is a positive aspect of the 2003 demographic situation (in 2002 1998 children were born, in 2003-2139 children).

Human resources of the town are represented by 134.69 thousand people of whom 95.4 thousand are economically active.



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 Annual production and service output amounts to 2.5 billion rubles. Power industry and construction hold the leading place in the structure of town economy.

Engineering has very good prospects for successful development thanks to the presence of unused industrial grounds, high-quality metal-working machinery and highly skilled staff. The town boasts such engineering companies as JSC “Hydroprivod Plant” that produces exceptional equipment (hydraulic pumps, hydromotors) highly demanded in Russian and foreign markets; “Aviaremzavod” that repairs Yak-18T planes and other similar models. “Shakhty repair and engineering works LLC” produces and repairs complicated mining equipment. The industry potential is maintained and production re-orientation is possible.

For more than 30 years “Stroyfarfor” JSC has been working in the construction industry specializing in ceramic tile production. The company had trebled its production output by the end of the second millennium. Tile design is constantly renewed and the quality of production meets completely requirements of European analogues. Nowadays the company holds one of the leading positions in Russia.

Light industry of the town is represented by two big companies:

  • JSC ”Don-Tex”;
  • JSC “Gloria-Jeans”.
  • JSC “Don Tex” has put into operation a painting shop, and the range of goods is regularly updated. JSC “Gloria Jeans” produces jeans garments for children and adults that are in keen demand in Russia and in other countries.

The town food industry is steadily developing in recent years. Such companies as JSC “Gorpischekombinat”, high quality confectionery producer, JSC “Khlebokombinat” bakery, the tea-packing factory, the meat-processing and dairy company “Don” are well known not only in Shakhty but in other regions as well..

The town has free ground sites (about 1 000 ha) that can be used by companies working in engineering, light, food, construction industries or consumer services.

In spite of the coal industry restructuring and global economic changes in the country, the town coal industry has kept part of its coal-mining enterprises and staff. Explored coal resources will be sufficient for more than 200 years of mining. Significant funds are assigned from the federal budget following the coal industry restructuring program to create new jobs.

50.3 thousand people are employed in the town economy, which is 3.4 thousand more than in 2002. According to the 2003 results, the human resources market counts 6103 people, with the registered unemployment rate being 1.7%. On 2023 persons were registered at the Job Centre. On 1.01.04, 5.4 thousand sole entrepreneurs were working in the town. Small business is actively developing in the town with all corresponding facilities. There are 6260 small economic entities of small business in the town, of which 795 are small companies (115 - in industry, transport and communication – 22, construction – 92, trade and catering – 482, others – 84, sole entrepreneurs – 5465). Structure of the town industry has remained unchanged for several years. About 15 270 persons are employed in small businesses.

The town has set up certain facilities to support small businesses: a Municipal fund for small business support, an agency for small business support; a business-incubator is coming to be.

The town is geographically situated in the middle of the most fertile farmlands. Good transport facilities of the town companies combined with strong industrial infrastructure create good opportunities for the processing of agricultural produce.

Social sphere

The town has 4 institutions of higher education, mining, pedagogical and medical colleges, music school, 3 lyceums, 41 secondary schools, 7 vocational schools. The “Plast” troupe has been giving performances for more than 70 years on the scene of the Town drama theatre.

The Shakhty town is registered in the Guiness Book of Records for sport achievements. Shakhty athletes have been taking part in all Olympic games since 1964. The town football team “Shakhter” plays in the Second league of Russian championship in the Southern zone. ”Don-Tex“ women football team is becoming increasingly popular

One of the oldest Don publishing houses exists in the town, more than 20 newspapers are published, 2 TV companies are broadcasting, local FM radio station is about to start working. Town guests have comfortable hotels at their disposal.

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