г.НовошахтинскNovoshakhtinsk is situated 80 km to the north of Rostov-on-Don, on the border with Ukraine. The main transport lines are motorways. The most important of them are: “Rostov – Kiev” and “Moscow – Baku”. The “Rostov – Kiev” highway on the part Rostov – Novoshakhtinsk is 80 km long and is crossed by the Russian – Ukrainian state border 8 km away from Novoshakhtinsk. The presence of customs makes the town the most important transfer point for goods delivered from the European countries and Turkey to the European part of Russia. The main railway Rostov – Moscow passes not far from the town, it is connected with Novoshakhtinsk by a railway branch line. The town is situated in the coal region, but during the last years the coal industry has lost importance.


г.НовошахтинскThe Novoshakhtinsk town has a long history. The first mention of local coal was recorded in 1696.

From 1840 until 1910 the first settlements of coal-miners appeared on the site of present town, in 1910 the complex of those settlements received the name: “Nesvetay” mine. At that time businessmen were extensively building new small mines. In 1913 with the arrival of Nikolai Paramonov, son of a Rostov millionaire, to the mines, the extraction of coal had been significantly extended. He founded the first five big mines and built the railway line Nesvetay – Gornaya, constructed first 48 stone barracks for workers and 4 cottages for administration.

On the 31st January of 1939, following the Decree of Presidium of Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union, the mine received the status of a town. This date is considered to be the day of creation of Novoshakhtinsk.

In the sixties and seventies coal processing and construction companies appeared in Novoshakhtinsk as well as a dairy and bakery, a clothes factory and branches of Rostov defense equipment manufacturers.



58, Harkovskaya St,


Rostov Region, Russia




(86369) 2-46-51

(86369) 2-40-40


According to the 2002 All-Russian census, the population of Novoshakhtinsk was 117.8 thousand inhabitants (47.2% men, 52.8% women).

As a positive index of the demographic situation in the town in recent years it is necessary to highlight the annual growth of the birth rate (from 1999 to 2003) after a long period of birth decrease (from 1993 to 1998), and the increasing number of weddings (since 1999) and its excess over the number of divorces.

63.8 thousand people are able to work and live in the town, including 45.6 thousand economically active people.


The town economy employs 29.8 thousand people (before the last mines were closed), which is 2.5 thousand more than in 2002.

According to the 2003 results, the town labour market consisted of 13370 people, the level of general unemployment was 21.4 %, the level of registered unemployment was 2.3%.

On 01.01.2004 1070 people were registered in the Job Centre, including 183 people in coal industry.

On 01.01.2004 774 economic entities were operating in Novoshakhtinsk (including 680 legal entities, 94 branches and structural subdivisions) and 3287 sole entrepreneurs.

Total annual production and services output equals 1.7 billion rubles.

Since 2003 light industry has become the leading sector of the town economy.

The construction industry is developing rapidly.

The new technologies of construction materials production are being introduced by the following companies:

  • “EMS” LLC,
  • “Stroyblock” LLC,
  • “Don-Mix” LLC.

New methods of metal-working industry have appeared:

  • Metal containers for the chemical industry (JSC “Novoshahtinsk mechanics works”),
  • Metal shapes for assembly of false ceilings, sidings and panels (“Promet” LLC branch).

The small business is developing successfully. There are 4087 small businesses registered in the town. The number of people working in small business makes more than 18% of the total number of the employed population. Production output produced by small companies is 19.1% of the total town economic output (in 1997 – 2.7%).

The small business sector structure is changing actually with the increase of industrial enterprises and decrease in number of trading companies. A market infrastructure to support small business was created in Novoshakhtinsk: in February 1997 the Novoshakhtinsk Zonal Business-incubator, in April 1998 – Municipal fund for support of small companies, Educational center “LUCH”, noncommercial partnership “Agency for economical development and public relations”.

The climate of the region is moderately continental – the summer is hot and dry while the winter is warm with little snow. Abundance of unoccupied lots of land and unused real estate is the main factor of investment attractiveness of the town economy. The town has 1935 ha of free lands including 831 ha suitable for construction.

Social sphere

23 secondary schools, 7 institutions of complementary education, 5 social security services, 33 kindergartens function in Novoshakhtinsk.

There is a mining college in the town, recently there were opened the branches of the Rostov State University, the New Moscow Institute of Law, the South Russian State University.

There is a large number of sports facilities. JSC “Rostovugol” handed over 2 stadiums into the municipal property.

The musical and art schools work in Novoshakhtinsk.

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