г.ГуковоThe town is situated in the northwestern part of the Rostov Region, 123 kilometers from Rostov-on-Don. It is surrounded by the lands of the Krasnosulinskiy District and borders on Ukraine in the west. The territory of the town is about 4 thousand hectares; the population is about 74 thousand people. East to west the town is crossed by the railroad connecting it with Zverevo and Likhaya stations, as well as with Ukraine. Fifteen kilometers away from the town runs the railroad connecting Rostov with Moscow.


The Gukovo settlement was founded in 1878, and gave start to the development of the Gukovskiy coal-mining district. The Cossack farms (“khutors”) and settlements lying around the area – Kovalyovo, Platovo, Khutor Gukovo – are older than the town. Gukovo itself received the status of a town of regional subordination in 1955. The population of the town was historically formed by the inhabitants of the surrounding Cossack and Ukrainian farms and settlements. The total area of the town with the suburbs is 3,619 hectares. The town has been developing and growing thanks to the mines. This is exactly why it is so spread out. The suburbs may be situated several kilometers away from each other, with farms and farmland of Krasnosulinskiy District lying between them.


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Gukovo is a large coal-mining center of the Eastern Donbass, where coal mines, concentrating mills, light industry and food industry enterprises are situated. Blanking and assembly shops are opened; businesses making cabinet furniture and processing the food industry raw materials are being created.

Following are the enterprises that are vital for the town’s formation:

  • OJSC “Gukovugol“ (operator, inquiries (86361) 3-10-31, 3-10-32). The company includes seven coal mines and many auxiliary enterprises.
  • A sowing factory (CJSC “Shveya“, (3-37-29)) and a knitted-wear factory (3-27-02) also work in Gukovo.
  • There is also a furniture factory, “Progress“ (3-36-41),
  • A sunflower seed processing enterprise “Novator“ (3-53-31),
  • A super-fertilizer plant,
  • And a large farm for breeding oversize rabbits, “Krosur".

The anthracite coal extracted in Gukovo is one of the best in quality both in Russia and abroad. Its main characteristics are low ash and sulfur content, and high calorific value. This coal is not only a valuable fuel, but also a high-quality chemical raw material for producing filters, coal concentrates and other products. The anthracite coal produced by OJSC “Gukovugol” is supplied to many places in Russia and abroad, including Western Europe. The town of Gukovo is situated on the Ukrainian border, which makes the export and import of raw materials and equipment and the use of customs warehouses much less complicated.

The headquarters of “Donskoy Narodniy Bank” (3-50-10) is registered in Gukovo. Altogether, 368 enterprises are registered in the town. The town’s position on the Ukrainian border and the presence of the railroad station give the town additional investment appeal. There are a lot of highly-qualified specialists here; industry is well-developed and mobile enough to be transformed for producing construction materials, metal products, etc. In the view of the restructuring processes in the coal industry, when part of the coal mines are being closed, funds are being granted from the federal budget to organize employment of the laid-off miners through building new, highly profitable enterprises in the town.

Мебельная фабрика "Прогресс"The situation in the town is very favorable for those who decide to start their own business. A furniture factory, “Progress”, for example, was built in the town and equipped with Italian machinery – all that in the framework of the fulfillment of the program of local development and with the use of the state financial support of the coal-mining industry from the federal budget. The factory is producing competitively priced furniture, which is in demand both in Russia and abroad. The local knitted-wear factory opened a new branch for producing pantyhose. The goods are being successfully sold in the home market. The creation of a butter-making shop, a mill, a bakery, several confectionaries and other enterprises resulted in the appearance of new workplaces in the town.

Some of the closed industrial enterprises in the town still have the industrial grounds with all necessary communications, power supply lines, railroads and asphalt roads, which is an important factor for investors and entrepreneurs.

Social life

Two professional technical schools, a mining college, a lyceum and an Institute of Economics and Law ((86361)5-21-32) work in the town.

There are two town newspapers – “Provintsiya” ((86361)5-21-46) and “Shakhterskaya Nedelya” (5-21-82) --a municipal television and radio company “Nika” ((86361)5-47-37, 3-36-99) and a television studio “Helios” ((86361)3-56-96).

A Sports palace, the “Olympiada-80” sports club (judo), the military-historic club “Rusich”, the palaces of culture “Gukovskiy” and “Anthracite”, as well as the Home of Youth Creativity operate in the town.


Авторалли в г.ГуковоAn international level race track has been built in the town. Every year, one of the stages of the Russian car racing championship takes place here.

Also, Gukovo is proud of its unique Museum of the Miners’ Labor, the only one in the European part of Russia (3-26-07).

Not far from the town are several artificial lakes. Along the banks of some of them there are recreation bases. In the north of Gukovo one can find patches of virgin Proval steppes and the mountains that are part of the Donetskiy mountain-ridge.

The “Gukovo” Hotelm, with its guarded car park, is situated in the “Gukovskaya” suburb, 44 Mira Street, telephone (86361) 2-20-46.


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