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Rostov region is one of the leaders in Russia in preparation of top ranking sportspeople, including the champions and prizewinners of the Olympic Games, World and European championships.

The success is achieved by all possible assistance of the Government of the Rostov region to the development of physical culture and sports, the strengthening of the health of citizens on the Don land.

Measures are taken to increase the proportion of citizens, regularly engaged in physical culture and sports.

Полуфинал «Ростов-Дон» – «Лада»

In the Rostov region there are about 9.5 thousand operating sports facilities. Their one-time capacity is 30.1 percent.

As part of the Russian team at the Olympic Games, Rostov region is represented by a significant number of athletes - in 2013 - 342 athletes. The largest number of the Don athletes is in the basic kinds of spot: artistic gymnastics, rowing and canoeing, grass hockey, taekwondo, trampoline and others.

Every year the Rostov region holds more than 20 thousand health and fitness and sports events among different categories of population of the region, including comprehensive traditional multistage mass competitions.

Recreational and sports activities are carried by 4.7 thousand organizations, including 42 sports clubs.

Sports clubs are being improved, including the clubs on the basis of educational institutions of secondary and higher education. Measures are taken to improve the promotion efficiency of physical culture and sports, to develop student sports and sport infrastructure.

The following team kinds of sports are popular in the Rostov region:football, badminton, basketball, baseball, water polo, volleyball, handball, golf, table tennis, rugby, softball, tennis, ice hockey, field hockey.

The number of people who go into national sports grows steadily: weightlifting sports, Russian rounders and gorodki.

One of the most popular mass sports in the Rostov region is football, which is one of the most dynamic sports that is available to all age groups of the population.

Молодые спортсмены ФК «Ростов»

The development of physical culture and sports on the Don land is carried out mainly by the regional and federal budgets in accordance with the state program of the Rostov region "Development of physical culture and sports".

Timeline for implementation of the program - 2014 - 2020 years, the total amount of funding - 12 billion rubles, including the regional budget - 11.7 billion rubles.

The main indicators of the development of high performance sport and ranking sports and sports are the results of the performance of athletes in the region at the official All-Russian and international sporting events, the Olympic, Paralympic, Deaflympics.

Results of participation of the Rostov region in the Olympic, Paralympic, Deaflympics and international competitions


Participation of the Rostov Region


ХХХ summer Olympic Games in London, 2012

25 athletes
in 16 kinds of sports

9 Olympic medals:
3 Gold,
3 Silver,
3 Bronze.

XIV Paralympic Games in London, 2012

7 athletes
in 2 kinds of sports

4 Paralympic medals:
2 Silver

2 Bronze

The Championships, World Cups in 2012 in Olympic sports

17 kinds of sports

27 medals: 4 Gold, 12 Silver, 11 Bronze

The Championships, the 2012 European Cups in Olympic sports

7 kinds of sports

50 medals: 19 Gold, 15 Silver, 16 Bronze

XXVII Summer Universiade in Kazan in Olympic sports, 2013

14 athletes
in 8 kinds of sports

20 medals: 12 Gold, 4 Silver, 4 Bronze

XXII Summer Deaflympics in Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013

5 athletes
in 2 kinds of sports

6 медалей: 1 золотая, 1 серебряная и 4 бронзовых

A special task, among others, of the Rostov region is the effective preparation and conduction of Russia's first World Cup FIFA 2018 and the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017.

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