Transportation Infrastructure

Being the Russian “gateway” to the Black Sea and to the Caspian Sea basins, Rostov region has a well-developed transportation infrastructure made up of railways, federal highways, seaports and river ports together with Rostov-on-Don International Airport.
Regional transportation infrastructure is part of the Cretan international transport corridors No. 7 and No. 9, and the North-South traffic artery.

Rostov Region is crossed by:

  • the Don Highway;
  • the railway  from Moscow to the Caucasus via Rostov-on-Don;
  • the navigable river route from central regions of Russia to the Black and Mediterranean Seas;
  • the air corridor between Saint Petersburg, Moscow and the Caucasus region.
Motor transport

The region has more than 600 long-distance and suburban passenger routes and about 150 interregional routes connecting all the municipalities in the region. The total length of the routes over 80 thousand kilometers. Bus terminals and coach stations area merged into a single network.


The main regional road for cargo and passenger transportation along domestic and international routes is the North Caucasian Railway - the branch of JSC "Russian Railways”. The region contains other arterial railways that connect central and western regions of the country, as well as Siberia and the Southern region. There are active terminals that provide the reception, handling and dispatch of almost any type of cargo. The length of the region’s railways is about 1788 kilometers.

Water transport

In the Rostov region there are 126 shipping companies, including the following:

• shipping company engaged in bunkering activities - 14;

• shipping companies engaged in passenger transport - 4;

• stevedoring company - 38;

• shipyards - 8.

On the territory of the Rostov region there are six ports: JSC "Rostov port", JSC "Azov sea port", JSC "Ust-Donetsk port", JSC "Taganrog commercial sea port", LLC "River port", LLC "Rostov universal port".

The total length of inland waterways in the area borders 800,3 km The following ports are located in the Rostov region:

Air transportation services

Air transport of the Rostov region provides passenger and freight transportation services, especially in the interregional and international communications.

On the territory of the region there are two airports - Airport Rostov-on-Don, an international airport of the Russian Federation, and Taganrog Yuzhny Airport, a regional airport situated in the town Taganrog. 17 Russian and foreign airlines operate flights to more than 50 airports.The main carrier of the region is a local company Donavia.

The region has seen a steady growth in demand for air transportation and services.

The basic strategic directions to be implemented in the field of air transport and its infrastructure development are:

• the construction of the airport complex " Yuzhny " (Rostov-on-don) – on the territory of Grushevskiy settlement in Aksai district;
• development of airport infrastructure Taganrog Yuzhny, including the terminal building, installation of lighting equipment, the upgrade of the airport, giving it the status of a regional airport;
• restoration and development on the territory of the Rostov region of airports for domestic flights, creating a network of local and intra-regional air lines.

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