General caracteristic industry

The leading role in the economy of the region belongs to the industrial sector, which remains the main sector to produce material goods, products and monetary supply, create new jobs and investment sources.

The regional enterprises manufacture over 25% of the total industrial output of the Southern Federal district.

The largest share is taken by metallurgical and machine building enterprises. They produce 54,8% of all main-line electric locomotives produced in Russia, 49,1% of grain harvesters, 9,3% of pipes, 7,5% of paint materials, 18,4% of crude vegetable oil.  Regional enterprises take leading positions in Russia in heavy helicopter industry, manufacturing of steam boilers and operational equipment for nuclear reactors.

сборочный конвеер завода "Ростсельмаш"

In 2013 industrial output of the region increased by 5,6% compared to 2012 (in Russia by 0,4%). In processing industries, which make 82,5% of total volume of goods shipped the input has increased by 6,4%.

One of the objectives of the regional Government is to build regional economy which will ensure long term potential for dynamic growth, increased welfare of the population, modernization of industries, increased competitiveness and effective operation of innovative system.

The region possesses fairly solid foundation for such large-scale objectives. Many sectors of the regional economy already undergo the processes of technical remodeling and application of new technologies.

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