Telecommunication complex is well developed in theRostovregion. Operating companies are now actively switching to digital systems of data transfer, implementing modern standards for electrical conduction channels, mobile radio and telephone connection; radio and telecasting are switching to digital technologies, postal network is being modernized with the aim of expanding the range and quality of the services rendered.

The development of the regional telecommunication infrastructure depends mainly on the economic growth of theDonland, contributes to its prosperity and aims first of all at the maximum satisfaction of the demand for the communication services, further development of modern technologies as well as other key branches of the economy.  

Wire telephone connection network

Regional telephone connection network facilities operate with 62% of the digital technologies equipment and is based on hub segments of the local and inter-zone connection network of theRostovbranch office of the OJSC Rostelekom and the southern branch office of the CJSC KOMSTAR-regions, interregional  networks of the southern branch office of OJSC Rostelekom and CJSC Kavkaz TransTeleKom.

This infrastructure provides communication services for over 1,1 mln. city and 181 thousand suburb subscribers. 33,39% of the population in the city and 12,69% in the suburbs have wire telephones at home. 2466 phone booths installed in the suburbs also provide short and long-distance connection services for the population.

99% of the residential settlements of the region is equipped with the wire phone lines.

Mobile radio telephone connection 

The following mobile connection operators function successfully in the region: Rostov on Don brunch office of OJSC Vynperlkom, Rostov regional brunch office of the Caucasus division of OJSC Megafon, OJSC MTS, CJSC Rostov Sotovaya Svyaz, and CJSC Astarta with 3361 base stations.

In 2010 the number of mobile connection subscribers reached 5,8 mln people (5,3 mln. people in 2009). 3G network, introduced inRostov on Don and larger cities of the region enable the subscribers use the wide range of additional options, offered by the mobile connection operators.

Postal services

Six operators of the postal services operate on the territory of the region. There are a total of 1125 post offices in the region, 1121 of them belong to the department of the federal post operator Federal State Unitary Enterprise Pochta Rossii.

The development of the postal network is carried out via new work stations in the post offices, equipped with modern cash Pos-terminals and means of telematic communication services in order to bring the terminals to the “one window” standard. These measures enable population to pay postal services and household bills, withdraw cash with bank cards in the post offices, self-service and no lines.

Within the application of the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation “On the concept of restructuring of the federal post office facilities” in 2011 the implementation of the investment project – the construction of the zone automaded sorting centre (ASC) FSUE Pochta Rossii on the territory of the intensive economic development of the industrial type South-Batayskaya was launched.

This project is in the interest of the wholeSouthern Federal districtas this facility for the automated processing of the mail based on modern technologies will create additionally 700 job positions.

Radio and Television Broadcasting

Television broadcasting is mainly provided by the complex network of Rostov Regional Radio and Television Transmission Centre of the FSUE RTRS, as well as by separate transmitting stations of the commercial tele-companies and low power (1Vt) transmitting stations of the company group Asteroid.

Forty-eight operators render services for the television broadcasting in theRostovregion.

Reconstruction and modernization of the television network, carried out by the Rostov Regional Radio and Television Transmission in 2006-2007, as well as expansion and modernization of the network of low-power television retransmitters of the company group Asteroid within the framework of the Target program Development of television broadcasting in the Rostov region for 2006-2008 enables continuous broadcasting in the analogous format.

In accordance with the Federal Target Program (FTP) Development of Radio and Telecommunication Broadcasting in theRussian Federationfor 2009-2015,Rostovregion is included in the list of 27 regions of the second line of developing the digital television broadcasting network of the first multi-complex with the realization in 20011-2012.

On this stage it’s planned to ensure the comfortable switch to the digital broadcasting, modernization of the state and regional network broadcasting, expansion of the volume of the broadcasting, to ensure the availability of the new options of the information technologies for all the members of the society.

For the cooperation within the framework of establishment of the digital network broadcasting on theDonlandthe agreement was signed between the Administration of the region and FSUE Russian Television and Radiobroadcasting Network.

Within the framework of this agreement interagency work group managed by the Deputy Governor of the Rostov region Viktor Goncharov was established for the development of broadcasting and switching to the digital broadcasting technologies in the Rostovregion. 

Since 2010 all the necessary measures are taken for the realization of the FTP on the introduction of the digital broadcasting in the Rostov region (2011-2012) and for the provision of the first free digital broadcasting package for the 98,8% of the population.

Besides, 29 operators are broadcasting with the usage of cable network. Internet providers and 3G network providers enable access to the global network.

In order to provide the population of the region with socially relevant information within the framework of the target program Development of tele and radio-broadcasting  in the Rostov region 2006-2008 the regional network Mayak-Southern region was created. It broadcasts for more than 80% of the territory of the region. Besides, radio broadcasting services are rendered by the 33 operators. More than 98% of the population listen to the Russian broadcasting stations Rossiya and Mayak.

Information technologies

In order to provide informational availability of the state authorities and the activity of the regional and municipal authorities, increase quality and availability of the services that are rendered, the regional state information systems Regional Register of State Services (functions) of the Rostov region and Regional Portal of State Services (functions) of the Rostov region have been created.

Regional Register and Regional Portal contain information on the 359 state services in the social sphere, public and housing utilities, education, transport, culture and mass media, property relations, scientific research, production industry and trade, which is published on the federal portal Local authorities fill in analytical forms for the state services portal content.

In order to simplify access to the information on the activities of regional and municipal authorities the call-center was established (Tel. 8-800-302-30-30), where the information on the state and municipal services rendered in theRostov region is provided to the residents.

The decree of the Collegium of the Administration of the region dd.  22.11.2010 № 124 approved the concept of the establishment of the E-government of the Rostov region till 2013. It presupposes the creation of the uniform, balanced, specified informational infrastructure of the state authorities, which is necessary of the successful realization of measure on the establishment of the E-government and development of the information society in theRostov region.

Main goals of the concept are ensuring the support of the social and economic development of the region, the increase of the efficiency of the state management, facilitation to the administrative reforms, widening the availability of information access so the residents of the region could exercise their civil rights more efficiently, and the increase of the quality of the state services rendered to the residents.



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