Housing and public utilities

Housing and public utilities is a diversified complex which unites all social, economic, organizational and technical issues related to housing and utility maintenance.

Main objective of the housing policy is the reduction of the housing and utility infrastructure wear-out; elimination of the worn-out and hazardous dwelling; increase of the efficiency, stability and endurance of infrastructure systems, decrease of debit and credit debts of housing and public utility companies, attraction of investment to this sector, improvement of the quality of services with the decrease of misallocation, targeted social support of low-income society.   

In order to implement the set objectives the following goals were established:

-         gradual elimination of budget financing of the current activity of housing and public utility organizations,  improvement of the incentive system for the utility bill payments, establishment of the legal conditions on its actual financing;

-         regulatory support of the efficiency of the rate adjustment as well as in the area of energy resource delivery;

-         solving the competition development problem through the house-by house management;

-         application of the technologies to ensure rational energy and resource consumption when constructing and modernizing housing facilities;

-         establishment of the economic conditions for the development of the unities of housing owners, shift of the branch to the market methods of management.

Ministry of housing and public utilities of theRostovregion is part of:

1)      Complex investment project Complex Program of Construction and Reconstruction of the water supply and sewage facilities inRostovon Don and south-west of theRostovregion (approved by the decree of the government of theRussian Federation30.11.2006 № 1708-р).

2)      The largest regional investment project Clear Don, approved by the by the decree of the government of theRussian Federation17.10.2009 № 1557-p.

3)      The program Capital Reconstruction of apartment buildings and establishment of the conditions for managing apartment building on the territory of theRostovregion 2007-2011.

Long term regional Target program Modernization of utility infrastructure facilities 2011-2013. 



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