The Rostov region is not only one of the most advanced multi-industrial and agricultural areas in the south of Russia, but also an important center of development for the sciences, education, culture and arts. The Don region is rich in deep and varied cultural traditions.

The Government of the Rostov region gives a permanent support to the culture in the region, aimed at protecting and developing the cultural potential of Don land. The areas of this support are as follows:

  • Supporting the professional arts in the Rostov region.
  • Preserving and developing the cultural heritage of the Don land.
  • Developing the library science.
  • Supporting young talents in their professional education.
  • Preserving and developing the national cultures of Don peoples, as well as promoting cultural cooperation between different nations.
  • Modernizing of  technical and technological equipment of the cultural facilities.
  • Creating integrated target projects and putting them into practice.
  • Providing scientific and information support.
  • Encouraging the development of the film-making industry.
  • Strengthening the financial and technical bases of the culture and arts institutions.

Over the last ten years the Region Governor’s scholarship has been given every year in order to support talented young people working in the fine arts, as well as gifted students of art schools in the Region. Talented pupils of culture and art educational institutions get educational grants. Scholarships are given to members of those unions that represent various fine arts, employees of culture and arts establishments, gifted children studying in musical schools and colleges, arts schools, painting schools, and secondary schools specializing in culture and fine arts.

Since 2008 the artistic and production personnel of the Rostov region theaters get annual non-recurrent payments of the Head of Administration (Governor) of the Rostov region for the International Theater day in order to support and to grant culture and art workers for their contribution to the development of theater. Annual one-time payment of the Governor of Rostov region receive masters of folk culture.

On the initiative of the Governor of the Rostov region in 2011 the Council for culture and the arts was created.

Historical and cultural heritage of the Rostov region

Rostov region has significant historical and cultural heritage. The earliest archaeological sites on the Don land are aged at 650 thousand years. The list of historic settlements of Federal significance includes  the city of Azov and Taganrog, stanitsa Starocherkasskaya. Azov Museum has a worldwide famous, unique collection, which consists of the items "Sarmatian treasures".

Музей-заповедник "Танаис"

In the Rostov region there is a state organization "Don Heritage", that has developed 46 projects for objects of cultural heritage of regional significance protection zones and 3 projects for objects of Federal significance protection zones.
Totally, in Rostov region there are 9.4 thousands of objects of cultural heritage under governmental protection, and to be protected more than a thousand of the detected objects.

In order to ensure the physical security of objects of cultural heritage, since 2013 the Program “Culture of the Don" for the first time included a section on the protection and preservation of the cultural heritage of the Rostov region.

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