Socio-political Situation

Social and political situation in the Rostov region is consistently sustainable and is predictable due to the system of effective management of all factors it’s influenced by. This system serves as a foundation for communication of the regional Government with public.

The most obvious factor which defines the condition of socio-political situation is the performance of regional public associations. According to Main administration of Ministry of justice for the Rostov region, 4902 non-profit organizations are registered in the Rostov region. Political environment in the region is represented by 56 regional divisions of political parties.

The Government of the Rostov region considers socio-political situation as a certain landmark which should mark systematic activities on support of development of civil society, consolidation of democracy, including development of political culture of the civil type which suggests conscious and initiative engagement of people, public associations, political parties and national autonomies in the public life. 

The focus of government authorities is now shifted from objectives of building communication of entities of civil society to objectives of implementation of strategy of social partnership.

Public Chamber of the Rostov region was established within further improvement of existing models of social partnership of regional authorities and civil society.  

Since 2011 implementation of the regional law № 492-ZS dd. 11/11/2010 On the state support of socially oriented non-profit organizations in the Rostov region is carried out.

State support of socially oriented non-profit organizations of the Rostov region in the form of subsidies is carried out on the competitive basis. Informational, consulting and methodical support is provided to the non-profit organizations. The website Civil forum of the Rostov region has been created and successfully operates. (

Human rights protection sector of the civil society is developed in the Rostov region, over 50 human rights organizations operate here.

In June and October 2007 in accordance with the regional legislation Human rights Commissioner and Ombudsman for children respectively were assigned to the Rostov region.

According to the results of the elections to the Federal Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation which was held on the 4th of December, 2011 Political parties in the Rostov region take:

Edinaya Russia – 50,22%

KPRF – 20,85%

Spravedlivaya Russia – 13,26%

LDPR – 10,16%

Yabloko – 2,86%

Patrioty Russii – 0,82%

Pravoe Delo – 0,50%.

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