Education complex of the Rostov region is one of the largest in the Russian Federation. It comprises about 3 thousand educational institutions of all kind of legal organizational forms and types. It allows students to get any kind of degree and profession in demand on the market and any kind of scientific degree.

The region actively works on the development of the social partnership forms, enforcing legal multilateral contracts between industrial enterprises, educational establishments, municipalities and regional Ministry of education.

Educational Structure

Almost 1 mln. people on the Don land are engaged in the education process. The following institutions comprise the education complex:

  • 1147 general education institutions;
  • 1283 preschool institutions;
  • 37 orphanages;
  • 18 boarding schools of general education;
  • 30 specialized (correctional) institutions;
  • 62 elementary vocational institutions;
  • 68 colleges;
  • 14 public and 11 private universities;
  • 353 additional education centers for children.
Teaching Personnel

Around 150 thousand teachers are engaged in the education system of the Don land. Regional teachers are continuously distinguished with various awards.

Implementation of the Target programs

The region is one of the leading regions of the Russian Federation in distance teaching of disabled children. A special distance teaching center was established on the basis of boarding school № 28, Rostov-on-Don. At the present moment it has 3 official branches in Volgodonsk, Zernograd and Novoshakhtinsk. Distance teaching is applied to 100% of disabled children who can participate it such an education plan.

Rostov region is one of the first regions of the Russian Federation that have implemented a long-term target program “Accessibility for 2011-2014”. It foresees taking measures      

Among the first subjects of the Russian Federation, the Rostov region implemented a long term target program "Accessibility for 2011-2014", which includes measures aimed on improving the quality of complex rehabilitation of disabled children, the creation of a universal barrier-free environment in educational institutions, providing co-education of disabled children with children without deviations. A resource center of an inclusive education for disabled children was established on the basis of special (correctional) boarding school of the 2nd type № 48, Rostov-on-Don.

Constant and targeted work on identification, support and maintenance of gifted children and talented youth is being done in the Rostov Region.

Olympic movement, studying at part-time and Sunday schools, specialized camps, expeditions are widely spread.  Leading scientists of the Universities perform individual trainings with gifted children.

Each year 25 gifted students of the region receive the awards of the Governor of the Rostov Region.

In order to encourage graduates of educational institutions that have received a certificate of general secondary education with honors, a regional medal "For outstanding achievements in studying" was established.

To ensure equal access of talented children from all municipalities of the region to a high-quality professional education with the use of modern information and communication technologies a regional organizational-methodical center of distance education for gifted children has been established on the basis of the Regional Center of Additional Education.

Healthcare of students is one of the main directions in the activities of public authorities of the Rostov region.

In 2012 a pilot project on healthcare of students with innovative hardware and software systems "Armis" was started. Provided the establishment of an electronic database and the continuous monitoring of the health status of an each student with a comprehensive and innovative methods of diagnosis throughout the study period.

In 2012, together with Don swimming federation the project "Total swimming training” was launched. It is aimed at initial training in basic skills of swimming and based on public-private partnership.

There are 37 institutions for orphans and children who were left without parental care, and 269 foster families where 711 children are being brought up.

Rostov region consistently holds a leading position in the Southern Federal District for the implementation of target programs aimed at providing living quarters for orphans and children who were left without parental care.

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