Construction materials industry

Construction materials industry is an important element of construction complex.

The region possesses substantial capacity for construction materials production, as well as ample mineral and raw material reserves for construction industry, enough not only to cover the needs of the region but also to provide some of raw materials and construction materials to other Russian regions.

Main (basic) construction materials are:

  • Cement
  • Wall materials
  • Precast reinforced concrete structures and units
  • Panels and other structures for concrete-panel housing construction
  • Thermal insulating products from mineral fiber materials and fiberglass
  • Thermal insulating products from polymeric materials
  • Soft roofing and waterproof materials
  • Float glass
  • Non-metallic construction materials
  • Factory built wooden houses and spare parts for standard housing from local building materials 

Production of construction materials is located mainly in Rostov on Don, Azov, Bataysk, Shakhty, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Volgodonsk, Taganrog, Novocherkassk as well as in Oktyabrsky, Mysnikovsky, Belokalitvensky, Kamensky and Tatsynsky districts of the Rostov region.

In 2013 Rostov region increased production of a number of items, in particular: ceramic tile for interior and exterior design, ceramic brick, paving slab, concrete, artificial stone and artificial cement.  LLC Guardian Steklo Rostov has launched production of float glass.

The Strategy of housing construction development of the Rostov region till 2020 sets the direction for the regional policy which will be aimed at implementation of new industrial technologies, improvement of legislation in order to carry out institutional modernization and create favorable conditions for development, higher efficiency of management and increased competitiveness.

The Strategy defines the following main directions for increased output of construction materials and products:

  • To provide the construction materials market with energy efficient, ecological and competitive construction materials and products at moderate prices;
  • To raise technological level of manufacturers and quality of output.


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